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So it’s been a year. Wow. That went fast. I can’t believe we are now into 2017! And I’m pretty sure that makes me the world’s worst blogger (can I even claim that title at all? Probably not). But any who, that was then..this is now.

And IM BACK! Can we have a do-over?

2016 was a crazy, busy and wonderful year – and that’s the underlying reason I was so disconnected and distant from this space.  I can’t begin to tell you how much has happened so I’ll keep it limited to the highlight reel. I got a job in Marketing! It’s serious life goals when your degree becomes relevant to your work. Billy and I bought a house, then completely gutted and renovated it in a short 3 weeks, subdivided the back of the property and now, Billy is in the process of building 2 houses on the back sections.

I had my full of amazing weekends away. Ski trips to Queenstown, festivals across the countryside, girls weekends involving plenty of delicious meals out, nights at the theatre, relaxing spa days in Hanmer – all washed down with a glass of wine, of course. And the cherry on top..Billy asked me to marry him! I said yes. #blessed

Renovating our house was an experience like no other! Billy was, not so much! But we got it all done in a short three weeks and we love it!
Cardrona ski field putting on quite a show!

Wine & Foods Festival in Christchurch, early December. Needless to say, the food was delicious and wine was endless.

Girls Weekend, hola! Our spa weekend in Hanmer was a-ma-zing. We made the most of it with massages, saunas and hot pools. Completely zenned out.

I still can’t believe I’m engaged to my beautiful man. It still hasn’t really sunk in for me and I have moments where it’s all just so much – like wow, he’s my fiancé! #solovedup it’s crazy. Eep! And you know I’ve started a Pinterest board…talk about addictive.

Well, 2016 – you were one heck of an exciting year! Now onto the next chapter. 2017, we are coming for you!
Libby xx

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  • Wow, sounds like you’ve had quite a year and an even exciting one coming a head! Glad to have found a new starter like myself. I too have just (re)launched my blog after attempting to blog a bit last year. Looking forward to your adventures this new year!

    • It was an incredible year! The best so far, I must say. It has all made for an exciting opening to this year ahead. I’ll be sure to keep you posted =) Sounds like we are in the same boat – It’s a great feeling getting back into blogging huh. I cant wait to share my adventures with you! I look forward to following along with yours too xx

  • toni toussaint

    Love the new home. did you end up keeping the original hard wood floors?

    • Thank you! Unfortunately we didn’t 😔. We would have were we planning on staying but we are going to rent it. There will be hard wood floors in my future though – I’ll make sure of that! Lol. Love them.

  • Natalie Martinez

    Sounds like you had an interesting year. I also just started blogging after many tries and just giving up. Im hoping this time it will be lasting and i think very worth it. I think blogging is therapeutic, dont know how much time i will have going into psychiatry residency in the upcoming months but still i will make it a priority. I love finding new bloggers on the web 🙂 Look forward to reading

    • It has most definitely been an interesting year! 😊. Oh well welcome back to the blogosphere 😛. It really is therapeutic – I totally agree! Hmm your residency will probably keep you rather busy.

      Thank you! I’ll be checking your blog out for sure. Keep it up!x