There’s something about Melbourne

Flinders Station, Melbourne

We can’t quite put it into words but we just can’t let it go…so…WE ARE MOVING TO MELBOURNE! And I’m so freaking excited about it! 30th of March – and it’s all go.

Let me take you back to the very beginning of my everlasting and truly deep love affair with this beautiful city. The year was 2011, I had not long turned 21 and the world was at my feet! More precisely, a ticket to Melbourne was in my back pocket. 3 glorious days in the coolest city. But 3 days was all it took – the food (omg, the food), the people, the shopping, the art and culture, the markets…to be honest, there is nothing I don’t adore about this city. Love at first sight you might say. I came home, full of life and excitement, and told my parents they could find me in Melbourne.

But university called for my return, the years rolled on, and along came Billy. Well that was that, wherever he goes I will go. BUT as luck would have it – Melbourne had also worked it’s magic on him! We actually went to Melbourne this time last year for a holiday and while I was taking full advantage of holiday mode (photographic evidence below – delicious food, tasty cocktails and movies in the park), I think Billy was quietly sussing out a plan. And what started as a mere idea, a dream of what could be, is now just around the corner. With three weeks until we leave, the nerves are starting to set in but I couldn’t be more excited. As sure as I was that Melbourne was my place in the world, I never thought I would actually move to another country! It’s kind of a big deal.

Breakfast at Tall Timber
Melbourne Aquarium
Movies in the Park
Movies in the Park
Cocktails at Madame Brussels, Melbourne
Botanical Gardens, Melbourne
Pizzeria 39
White Hart Lane
On our way home
With our flights booked, living arrangements in Melbourne sorted, and our house here in NZ doing it’s thing in the rental market – I think we are pretty well sorted. And we can’t forget about Jack, our pup – he flys 10 days later. I can’t wait for him to arrive! It will be a bit of a change for him with the climate and what not but it’s such a dog friendly city, I think he will be too busy making friends to be that bothered.

I am definitely going to miss home – there are so many things to miss! The beaches, lush native bush, the lakes and the snow capped mountains…not to mention my nearest and dearest – you know who you are xx. But I have to go, Melbourne is calling. I’ll visit. I promise.

Gees, you’d think I was moving to the other side of the world. Luckily, it’s only a 4 hour flight.

Have any of you ever moved country before? How’d it go? Tell me all about it – I’d love to know.
Libby xx

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