OUR HOUSE | A Three Week Renovation

House Renovation

With our brand new front door, the final piece, put in place – our house renovation was finally complete! Just in time for us to say goodbye…

Late July last year, Billy and I bought our first house with a vision in mind. Walls were to be knocked down, fireplaces knocked out and a kitchen demolished. 3 weeks later and we moved into our newly renovated home! Many hours (and a few tears on my part) went into this wee project – most nights we were there until 9 or 10pm.

We decided to keep things quite simple with a neutral colour palette – complete white out with charcoal carpet and curtains. That certainly made the choosing of colours easy! Although, in saying that, there are thousands of shades of just white. Madness.

With Billy being a builder, it felt only natural for things to happen so quickly. I would leave for work in the morning, the house would look one way, come home and it would be completely different! He was on a mission and nothing could slow him down. My number one tip if your wanting to embark on a renovation project – have a builder for a partner! It certainly made things easier. There is still a lot (…everything) I don’t understand about building but it was really cool being able to watch Billy take our house, pull it apart and put it all back together – just the way we wanted it.

Full disclosure: it was unbelievable fun smashing down the first wall! If you ever get the chance, take it. Put your foot through it, take a sledge hammer to it – whatever you fancy.

We will miss our wee house. In fact, we already do. It was such a fun (and also very challenging) project to take on and it was so cool to have this opportunity to do it with Billy.

Have you done any renovation projects? How did you find it?
Libby xx

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