There’s something about Melbourne

Flinders Station, Melbourne

We can’t quite put it into words but we just can’t let it go…so…WE ARE MOVING TO MELBOURNE! And I’m so freaking excited about it! 30th of March – and it’s all go.

Let me take you back to the very beginning of my everlasting and truly deep love affair with this beautiful city. The year was 2011, I had not long turned 21 and the world was at my feet! More precisely, a ticket to Melbourne was in my back pocket.

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IM BACK | And Looking Forward


So it’s been a year. Wow. That went fast. I can’t believe we are now into 2017! And I’m pretty sure that makes me the world’s worst blogger (can I even claim that title at all? Probably not). But any who, that was then..this is now.

And IM BACK! Can we have a do-over?

2016 was a crazy, busy and wonderful year – and that’s the underlying reason I was so disconnected and distant from this space.  I can’t begin to tell you how much has happened so I’ll keep it limited to the highlight reel.

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