Sassy Satay Noodles

Satay Chicken Noodles

Me, oh my – this saucy wee satay number will make your day. AND it’s healthy! Bonus! Leaving behind the nasties and loading up with veges and the good fats, you’ll be getting a healthy dose of protein, nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

It’s not every day that a healthy satay is an get out the note pads and grocery lists.

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Smoothie Sensation | My Top 5 Hacks

Green Smoothie

I am a self-confessed smoothie addict… There’s just nothing quite as tasty or refreshing as a cold smoothie. And although it isn’t rocket science, consistently making smoothies that are tasty and nutritious can be a bit of a challenge. Weird consistency, taste not quite right, annoying clean up – the good news; it doesn’t have to be that hard! Check out my top 5 hacks to becoming a Smoothie Sensation.

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