OUR HOUSE | A Three Week Renovation

House Renovation

With our brand new front door, the final piece, put in place – our house renovation was finally complete! Just in time for us to say goodbye…

Late July last year, Billy and I bought our first house with a vision in mind. Walls were to be knocked down, fireplaces knocked out and a kitchen demolished. 3 weeks later and we moved into our newly renovated home! Many hours (and a few tears on my part) went into this wee project – most nights we were there until 9 or 10pm.

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There’s something about Melbourne

Flinders Station, Melbourne

We can’t quite put it into words but we just can’t let it go…so…WE ARE MOVING TO MELBOURNE! And I’m so freaking excited about it! 30th of March – and it’s all go.

Let me take you back to the very beginning of my everlasting and truly deep love affair with this beautiful city. The year was 2011, I had not long turned 21 and the world was at my feet! More precisely, a ticket to Melbourne was in my back pocket.

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VALENTINE’S DAY | Last Minute Ideas

Sharpie Mugs

It’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day is here! Are you ready? If you’re anything like me, life got busy and you haven’t even thought about what your going to do for your significant other. Sorry Billy! But before you start stressing about what gift to get your boo, take a step back to remember what V-Day is really all about: L-O-V-E. It’s easy to get caught up in the heart-shaped, pink-covered, chocolate-filled craze that is Valentine’s Day. But we don’t need a dozen roses to make us feel loved – so how about mixing things up a little this year? I can hear you saying it’s a little too late for that but trust me, there’s still time. From DIY to movie marathons, check out these super simple ideas for your Valentine.

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