Rise and Shine | Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

I love morning rituals. I love how they help me to structure and organise my life, grounding me from the moment my eyes open. Over the years, through school, university and now into what they call ‘the real world’, I have found that what you do in those first moments can really make or break your day.

I would like to say that my mornings have always been smooth and seamless but that would be a lie. In reality, I used to detest mornings, morning people and anything that involved said ‘early birds’. Mornings were the WORST! I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of willingly leaving the comfort and warmth of your bed, greeting the morning sun with a smile even… Absolute madness! My, how things have changed.

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Smoothie Sensation | My Top 5 Hacks

Green Smoothie

I am a self-confessed smoothie addict… There’s just nothing quite as tasty or refreshing as a cold smoothie. And although it isn’t rocket science, consistently making smoothies that are tasty and nutritious can be a bit of a challenge. Weird consistency, taste not quite right, annoying clean up – the good news; it doesn’t have to be that hard! Check out my top 5 hacks to becoming a Smoothie Sensation.

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Be a Goal Getter | 2016, Bring It!

Be a Goal Getter

Ready or not, the New Year is here. And if you’re like everyone else right now, you’re probably coming up with some pretty ambitious resolutions. That’s awesome! …and probably a little scary. Setting goals is a great way to focus yourself on what you want to achieve in the coming year – but how are you actually going to do it? Learn to be a Goal Getter!

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